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Best practice to insert additional files into AddInX file?

Question asked by j.ebert_FugroDE on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by cmacleod-esristaff

What is the best practice to insert additional files into AddInX file during Visual Studio postbuild process?
The AddIn/the assembly has a WPF resources file to toggle button images. Visual Studio build process recreates the resource file  ..\obj\Debug

\MyAssembly.g.resources. But this file will not automaticly inserted in the Esri AddinX file.
The WPF resource file is only a example, my be it is necessray to share also a help file, other assemblies or a folder with any files with the AddIn.

Is it the only way, to modify the AddInX file in a additional postbuild process for example with 7-Zip? Is it possible to configure

proapp_sdk_MSBuild.PackageAddIn or is there a possibility of another?