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Adding Custom Graphic As Operational Layer

Question asked by dfresh22 on Nov 14, 2015
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Hi Folks,


Problem: I have built a custom widget that creates a pre-defined custom graphic and adds to map, I need to be able to create a layer for this in the layer list (shows up in the layer list widget) such as "Custom Graphic", and be able to consume this in a geoprocessing widget (by selecting a layer from the map).



just wondering if anyone has done something similar,

I have modified the draw widget so that it creates custom shapes with different javascript algorithms,


so far it has been pretty simple to draw the custom shapes, but I want to add them to the map (Layer List), but have them be their separate entity, currently the draw result shows this (image below)

and in any geoprocessing widget, the draw_results will not load in the drop down by a geoprocessing tool (see such parameter below)

therefore I am unable to actually consume that polygon graphic in a geoprocessing tool,

in the image below is shows I want the custom graphic to show up

please, any help would be much appreciated. If someone can crack this, I will send them a Six Pack of beer, or maple syrup from Canada.