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Modifying map topology edge

Question asked by necurri on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by balke13

Hello. I'm trying to modify shared edges of shapes in a single polygon layer, and I don't think I'm understanding the topology editing tools correctly. My understanding is that after selecting the topology, I use the topology edit tool to select and move the shared node, which will carry along the shared edges as well. That works, but my problem is that the shared edges that are carried along with the shared node are more complex than I would like. I only want to move the shared edges from the shared node (see dotted line in first attached image) to the next vertex of each polygon in the direction of the arrows, NOT all the edges that are interpreted as connected to that shared node (see highlighed edges in second image). How do I tell ArcMap to only move the shared edge to the next node, not all the other edges and nodes its interpreting as part of this operation?