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Web AppBuilder - Query Widget

Question asked by laurateisl on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by laurateisl

I am viewing an ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder app I created on an Android. I have a Query Widget which searches an address string to locate a parcel. When setting up the Query Widget, I selected "Ask for values." For the expression, I left the value blank and selected "Unique" so as to obtain a list of all of the unique values.

The app works well on desktop, but when viewed on both an Android and IPad, the Query has a couple of issues:

1) The Query window is not acting responsively. The window hovers to the right of the device screen and is only half visible. The full screen mode does work responsively, though.

2) When I type in a character in the "specify parameters for this task" box, the first value in my list that has the character automatically prefills rather than providing me with a list of the records that match my character (as it does when viewed on a desktop). I can backspace so only that character is in the box and the list of available options appear. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Laura