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Create Runtime Content tool in Python script

Question asked by Jana.Pfefferova on Nov 11, 2015
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I need to automate the process of creating runtime geodatabase. I have a working model which use the Create Runtime Content tool. It works without any errors.

I exported this model to python script and it failed to execute.

So I tried to run that model from toolbox by using arcpy.ImportToolbox and it still wouldn't execute.

If I just copy this line arcpy.CreateRuntimeContent_management("C:\\Jana\\final.mxd", "C:\\Jana\\MobileData", "", "", "DEFAULT", "FEATURE_AND_TABULAR_DATA", "NON_OPTIMIZE_SIZE", "ONLINE", "PNG", "1", "") into python window in ArcCatalog it worked fine without any errors.


This is my stand-alone script for running the model:


import arcpy





except arcpy.ExecuteError:



My toolbox alias is "Jana" and model name (as well as label) is "Content". I have also try to use arcpy.Content_Jana with the same "Failed to execute".


Any thoughts?