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arcpy code for iteration and Raster Calculator

Question asked by jpolo on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by jpolo

I have several rasters to iterate through. I want to reclass the cell values to 0-255 with the following equation:

rescaled grid = [(grid - min value from grid) * (max scale value - min scale value) / (max value from

grid - min value from grid)] + min scale value


Searching on the web led to comments that one should use arcpy instead of model builder for iterating with Raster Calculator, instead of using Model Builder. I have never used python/arcpy and have no idea what to write. I have looked around and found results to lead me to something like this:


# Import arcpy module

import arcpy


# Check out any necessary licenses



# Load required toolboxes

arcpy.ImportToolbox("Model Functions")


# Local variables:

clim20s30s = "C:\\Users\\JPolo\\Documents\\climateTemps\\PRISM_ppt\\clim20s30s"

v_name_sc_tif = "C:\\Users\\JPolo\\Documents\\climateTemps\\PRISM_ppt\\cacl\\%name%sc.tif"


# Process: Iterate Rasters

arcpy.IterateRasters_mb(clim20s30s, "", "", "NOT_RECURSIVE")


# Process: Raster Calculator"outRaster = ((\"%ppt_192001_bil.tif%\" - min(\"%ppt_192001_bil.tif%\")) * (255 - 0) / (max(\"%ppt_192001_bil.tif%\") - min(\"%ppt_192001_bil.tif%\"))) - 0", v_name_sc_tif)


However, this doesn't work and I don't know what needs to be changed to make it work.