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Portal Popups not working... call forced through proxy file.

Question asked by krefftc on Nov 11, 2015

Kinda...So when I "enable Popups" on a layer it will fail. no popups can be displayed. But if I remove the layer, then re-add it, it works fine.


What I'm noticing is that as soon as I click the pull down on the layer, browser throws a SyntaxError: Unexpected token <(…)... when trying to access layer information.


The layer displays fine. The only thing different is the call which errors is being forced through the "..portal/shareing/proxy?.." file. I don't want this and this is probably the reason this is happening. Anyone know how to disable this call from going through the proxy file. None of my services require a proxy file because everything is going through a common reverse proxy and FQDN... ie:,, etc.