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After Survey Completion - View results, Map Viewer, Download

Question asked by ramon42 on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by ramon42

Hello, I recently finished a survey out in the field and am now ready to view the results. I have a couple of questions on just that. I click on the View Results option when I hover over my survey and I am getting inconsistent behavior with viewing the results. The first time I tried to view the results, it gave me an updating progress bar that never loads anything so I have to refresh the browser. My second attempt crashes the view result page (I am using the latest version of Google chrome) and gives me a "Aw Snap" cannot load page. My third attempt in refreshing the browser sometimes loads the results as it should and sometimes gives me another cannot load page. It is very inconsistent with how the results are finally shown.


Another issue that I'm having is how to view the attachments in the Map Viewer. I know the attachments are stored as a related table but I have been unsuccessful in trying to view the attachment in the future pop-up. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.


For the third part, I am trying to download every option that is presented to me in the View Results page. I have successfully downloaded every format but the feature collection one. It acts like it wants to download but seems to be in some kind of loop in which I get no results.


Thank you for your time!