cost-distance matrix for multiple points

Discussion created by willrayment on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by natha1lr
I want to run a cost-distance analysis to calculate the shortest
distance without crossing land between all cells in a grid overlaid on a harbour. I've
made a cost raster with 50 m resolution and given all the land cells a
very high cost (10000) and the sea cells a cost of 1. I downloaded the
Cost-Distance Matrix tool from the ESRI website. It works fine for a
small test dataset of 3 points but chugs unbelievably slowly for my full
grid dataset of about 700 points. From the time it took to run the small
dataset I worked out it would take about 40 days to run the full set!!
Any ideas how to speed it up?
Many thanks.