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Web Appbuilder: "No Information Available" popup

Question asked by Matiss on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by agelfert

I am curious is there is a simple way to turn off the default "No Information Available" popup when clicking somewhere on a map where there is no spatial data (other than the basemap), or if clicking on a polygon that does not have popups enabled.


In an attempt to remove the popup, I commenting out the line in the code in the /client/builder/nls/main_en.js (line 593) and main_ROOT.js (line 666) files where:


NLS_noInfo : "No information available"


(These two .js files are the only ones with the text "No information available" exists in overall /webappbuilder directory). However this doesn't stop the popup.


I am using WAB 1.2 Developer's Edition on my computer with layers hosted through ArcGIS Online.