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Very unique issue (Android Device not downloading maps)

Question asked by cmosley_azgfd on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by miaogeng_zhang-esristaff

I have the latest version of Collector 10.3.4 and we are using 10.3.1 server.  Our services are hosted behind our firewall and you can only access through VPN or while on the WIFI network of the department.  Apple devices and Windows 10 beta are able to download maps just fine and sync just fine, but Android devices fail to download and I get a token error or a layer can't be downloaded error.  What is strange is that if I VPN using pulse secure while on the already secure network, I'm able to download maps onto android and sync.

Is a known issue out there about android devices not authenticating correctly?


This is very strange as it makes no sense why I have to VPN through the same network that I'm trying to VPN to...