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About  input user with an Add-in script

Question asked by leonbrave on Oct 28, 2015
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Hi there, i'm learning python and make add-in tools for ArcGis 10.2, additional to this i connected  Visual studio 2013 python project with arcpy and works fine.


So i made some add-in tools and the output is okey, but now i want some guide for add input user when for example press the button of the tool or something like that.


Is possible to display a popup window or something like that? and the user can enter the requirements data (like shapes file path, coordinates, sizes, etc) and when press the "ok" button (for example) the script run with the new user input.


maybe is a noob question but certainly is better than search in the wrong way.


Please, give me some help to move forward to the next step




pd: sorry about the grammatical errors