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GetAllProperties on Propertyset is slow for line network data

Question asked by jaygis on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by jaygis

Hi There,

I am trying to resolve an issue with an ArcObjects extension. This particular portion of logic, gathers metadata for layers in the map. It works fine with regular data layers but with network data (pipeline network layer), it takes much longer than expected. The point layers participating (exp: wells, facilities, pipelines nodes) within network are fine, it's only the pipeline (line) that takes longer. This impacts user workflow when they are trying to switch data frames (one with network data and other with schematics data). Initially i thought that it was related to missing metadata but adding metadata didn't help resolve this issue. I am looking for some suggestions on what may be the workaround for this issue. Our environment is ArcGIS 10.2.2, VB.NET, .NET4 code base. Below is the code.


Appreciate any input.





Dim pMD As IMetadata

Dim pPS As IPropertySet


pDLayer = CType(pLayer, IDataLayer)

pMD = CType(pDLayer.DataSourceName.Open, IMetadata)


If Not pMD Is Nothing Then

  Dim vaValues As Object

    Dim v As Object

    Dim valuesArray As System.Array

    pPS = New PropertySet


    pPS = pMD.Metadata


    Dim tnames As Object

    Dim tvalues As Object

    Dim vFormat As Object


    'Return the metadata elements

    pPS.GetAllProperties(tnames, tvalues) - code takes much longer for pipeline data