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Hosted Feature Service Bug in iOS Collector App?

Question asked by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by russell_roberts-esristaff

When publishing a hosted feature service with 2 layers and feature access enabled, only one layer is editable in iOS Collector App. Both layers are visible in the Collector app map (e.g. both displayed and in layer TOC), but only one feature shown in "Create a new feature"/ feature template pane.


  • Tested on iPad (iOS 9.0.2) and iPhone 5s (9.0.2)
  • iOS Collector App release 10.3.5 on both devices
  • If it helps - it second layer in the service that is visible/editable, e.g. Layer visible/editable is /1;  layer visible but not editable is /0
  • The hosted feature service does contain a relationship class (the two being published layers share a one-to-many simple relationship)
  • This same hosted feature service behaves as expected (e.g. both layers show, hosted feature service honors the relationship class as expected) in Android Collector App, ArcGIS Online web map, and WAB
  • Publishing from ArcGIS for Desktop/ArcMap 10.3 (product version


Curious if this is might be an iOS Collector App bug related to Hosted Feature Services (not sure about ArcGIS Server Services having the same issue) and/or if anyone else has experienced this issue?