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AGOL - Dynamic Date Filter

Question asked by simpsonEO on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by jason.tipton.gis

I have an online map with a pair of feature classes showing feature points and perimeters from last year.  The date field is formatted as an integer, so this date last year displays as 20,141,022 (don't ask me why it's like that, I didn't create the original data).  Oddly enough, this use of a number for a date makes it easy to create a passive filter in AGOL and show only those fires that started on or before this date last year:


          Start Date is at most 20141022


My question is, can I create an active filter that connects to an online date source and can automatically update itself every day?  In words, it would read something like this:


          Start Date is at most this day last year.


- Eric Simpson

- California Governor's Office of Emergency Services