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Web AppBuilder Attribute Table

Question asked by centerlinemapping on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by rscheitlin

Hello Esri Developers,


In Web AppBuilder, we are developing a custom widget that will create data tables displaying raster pixel values for a given x,y.  Rather than create a separate html page to display the data tables, or display data tables in the widget (which is rather skinny for displaying tables), is it possible and easily supported to write the data tables to the Attribute Table widget.  Has anyone utilized the Attribute Table widget for this purpose rather than displaying map feature layers? 


The process goes as follows:

User turns on multiple raster layers in the map.

User opens the custom data tables widget.

User add latitude, longitude coordinates and clicks submit.

Widget displays data tables for each raster.


lat/long     jan     feb     mar     apr     may     jun...

layer 1     5.2     5.6     5.9     6.0     6.2     6.6

layer 2     5.5     5.7     5.9     6.6     6.4     6.9


We would like to write this type table to the Attribute Table widget and utilize the real estate of the horizontal widget.


Thanks for your help.