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story map series tabbed layout

Question asked by saraemani2 on Oct 13, 2015
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Hi All


I am using story map series, tabbed layout for hosting some of the data. It was working great all the while, but as long as I use the application on bigger screens. eg. laptop computers.


The issue comes when the application is accessed, from smaller screens. eg. ipads, and other mobile devices. There are five pop ups in the story map for one of the tab, but only one pop up is visible when opened in smaller screens, all other pop ups are not seen. How can I access multiple pop ups on an ipad for story map tabbed layout series? Appreciate the help and thank you.


I have attached pictures.


ipadissue1.jpg: In that image the small arrow at the top enables us to go to the next pop up.

ipadissue2.jpg: I can see only one pop up. Is there a way I can access all other four as in image1.