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Re-using scratchGDB from a GP service job as input to another GP service

Question asked by thanos_cp78 on Oct 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by thanos_cp78

Hi guys,


I have a python toolbox that I have developed and is running fine at my desktop. Its using scratchfolder and scratchGDB for writing out intermediate and final data. My toolbox has Tool1 and Tool2. At my desktop testing, after running Tool1, intermediate data is written on scratchGDB (scratchFOlder is used to create temporary SDE connection files). To run Tool2, it needs to check my scratch GDB and folder to be able to do further processing and write final data still to the scratchGDB. So on a desktop this is running smoothly, but my concern now is that the end goal I have is to publish it as a GP service, but as I understand, each run of a specific GP service(or tool), it creates its own job folder and its own scratch GDB. So looking at my two tools, once they are both GP services, they will have independent scratchfolder and GDB. Is there a way to use GP service 1 results as inputs to GP service 2 job? Or should I just merge my tools as one and save trouble figuring out this issue?


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