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Why is my layer not displaying in Collector.

Question asked by JoeRat on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by JoeRat

Sql server Enterprise DB 10.2.2

ArcServer 10.2.2

Feature class has versioning enabled, archiving enabled, GlobalID, Attachments enabled

I don't need offline

Published service with feature access - Create,Delete,Query,Update,Uploads,Editing - Layer: Triennial Inspections (ID: 0)

Service is published in MD State Plane NAD 83 feet.

Service was registered with Arcgis Online - Map and layer are shared with the same settings. This is the only layer in the map other than the esri basemap.

The service works/edits just fine in online map. popups configured

Yes my device can see the rest-endpoint


Issue: In collector I can see the map but the layer will not draw.  I can't toggle it on.


What am I missing?