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Labelling data at different scale ranges

Question asked by allihk on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by NorthParkWater

I have multiple old datasets that I am publishing into a map service to be viewed in a web map system. The data crosses both urban and rural areas and is loosely based on cadastre parcels.  Due to the nature and the use I need to have this data published to  be viewed at scale up to 1:300 000.  this is causing an issue with labelling.


With similar type data I have been able to manage labels by only showing labels at certain zoom ranges based on the size of the parcel.  Unfortunately this data does not have an area column and shape area is not giving me valid data to work with.  I am not able to add an area column to the data as I don't have control over it and I can only consume it.  It is coming from an old legacy system.


Is there any workaround to have labelling change relative to the scale ranges?  or something similar?


Would love any advice :-)