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Feature Layer Overwrite Error - Data Referring to Another Service

Question asked by Cody.Yates_dentontxgis on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by Conrad.Schaefer@maryland.gov_maryland

I've been experiencing the following error for a few months now every time I try to overwrite my feature layer in order to update my Web Mapping Application that was built with the Web App Builder:


"User cant overwrite this service, using this data, as this data is already referring to another service."


My map is set up like this:

  • I uploaded a file geodatabase which created a feature layer.
  • I added the feature layer to a map, created symbology, and saved the layer and map.
  • I then create a Web Mapping Application by using the Web App Builder that pointed to the previously made Web Map and published it.


I'm unsure of how to update this map. I assumed I could just overwrite the feature layer with the updated file geodatabase, but I get that error each time and I'm not entirely sure what it means. I'm guessing that it can't update the layer while the Web Mapping Application still references it, but if that's the case, then how are you supposed to update the map?


I've been forced to just create a whole new layer each time and redo all of the symbology. There must be a better way to update a web map.