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Allow App User to Save Their Personal Settings

Question asked by AndrewsColeL on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by AndrewsColeL

This is a very far fetched idea, and likely the very antithesis of a web app, but I will ask regardless in order to show due diligence. I'm expecting the group will echo what I already believe to be true...and possibly receive some public shaming.


How far from impossible is it to allow users in an organization to "save" their working settings of a web app? For example, if a particular users job requires them to focus on a specific geographic area, working with a subset of layers that are in the web app, what would it take to allow them to load the app where they left off, zoomed in to an area, with the exact layers on that they need?


Currently, the app loads at a national extent with the most common layers turned on by default, but we're getting pushback from the non-gis users that they are annoyed with having to zoom to their specific area-of-interest each time and go through the *laborious* process of checking layers off and on.


This would be similar to the "save as" function present in the Portal map viewer, but that's a completely different setup. I'm expecting there's no real one size fits all solution to appeasing the customers and having the functionality, but no harm in asking...