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Runtime content label issue

Question asked by HuyHo on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by optimistpark

I find that maps rendered from Geodatabase do not look or behave the same way as it looks in ArcMap.  This has been a point of frustration for our customers who are building their runtime content.  I understand that the differences is expected because the map is rendered from two different engines, but the inconsistency and lack of documentation on these differences is frustrating.


Here is a map seen in Arcmap.



And here is the same map displayed at the same scale in ArcGIS Runtime.


Note the following:

     - The freeway emblem does not show up.

     - The white shadow behind the black text is not there.

     - The label placement property is not observed (I've configured to duplicate labels - one per feature)


Is there any documentation on what is supported and what is not?