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Creating older version File GDB in Arc Objects

Question asked by chrisb_b on Oct 1, 2015


I need to create older version File GDB within my ArcObjects code.  I know I could do it in Python but that isn't an option.  I can't find any help on passing a parameter to the Create method, presumably via the IPropertySet parameter.  The current code looks like this:



CComPtr<IWorkspaceFactory> pWkspFact;

hr = pWkspFact.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FileGDBWorkspaceFactory);


CComPtr<IWorkspaceName> pWSName;


hr = pWkspFact->Create((bstr_t)theApp.GetSystemPrefs()->GetUser().GetGeoprocessingDir(), (bstr_t)sName, NULL /* IPropertySet*/, NULL, &pWSName);


I'd like to pass Version="9.3" or similar, the out_version parameter of CreateFileGDB_management tool


Thanks in advance


Chris BB