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How To : Spatial Reference a spreadsheet

Question asked by bokeefe on Sep 24, 2015

I thought I remember seeing something like this before and I'm hoping someone can verify that it exists and provide me a link or a reference of some kind.


We have a spreadsheet. Each row is a location. The spreadsheet has a column/field with an ID #. What we would like to do is give user X a web map (WAB Created) where we can reference that spreadsheet and allow the user to select a row and create a point feature per row.



  1. Open Web Map
  2. Select Row from sheet
  3. Find Location
  4. Place point
  5. Go to 2 and continue


Again, I "faintly" remember seeing something like in a video/conference/blog/article/dream/vision/etc somewhere so it might be a slightly modified memory. If you have any ideas along this line it would be appreciated as well.