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Can not connect to SDE when restored from backup

Question asked by hanwenting on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by WellandGIS

Hi, All:


    We are tring to restore a sde on db2 from a backup, We use the flowing command to do the restore:


    db2--> restore db SDEDB from /db2/sde5 taken at 20150919163011……

    The restore was successful, we check the table number, index number, they are the same as the old database. Here are the software we are using:


   Database: DB2 9.7.2
   Operating System: AIX 6.1
   SDE: 10.0
   ArcGIS Desktop: 10.0 SP5



   When I try to make a direct connection to DB2  from ArcCatlog, it gave me an error message states:


“This release of the GeoDatagbase is either invalid or out of date. DBMS table not found [SDEDB.SDE.GDB_Release]”;


It is quite strange that “SDE.GDB_Release” is not exist in the source gdb either, but my ArcCatlog works fine with the source DB2.


   Then I try to check out the privileges of the sde user, so I grant the flowing privileges to the SDE, although it may already have these privileges:


CONNECT to database;
CREATETAB in database;
CREATEIN, ALTERIN, and DROPIN for the necessary schema;

CONTROL on database objects, SELECT on SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1

DBADM authority
SYSCTRL or SYSADM authority

Unfortunately, the error remains, I still can NOT make a direct connection to the new DB2.


I already search the google, most of the documents point out it is compatibility between the geodatabase and the ArcGIS Desktop, but we have a 10.0 gdb and 10.0 sp5 desktop.


Any help is appreciate, we are quite desperate, thank you very much.