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ArcGIS Server - Service Design/Architecture

Question asked by on Sep 23, 2015
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Looking for input on laying out a brand new ArcGIS Server environment. We're a state government agency that serves data both internally to our program staff and externally to the public. Our dilemma is this: do we lump services or split services? In other words, do we publish specific endpoints (map service and feature service) for each of our production-level feature classes so that we have completely granular control over each specific dataset...or do we try to group feature classes together based on assumed end-user needs? The concern is that we'll have unanticipated changes in the future that may goof up the indexing of web services that serve more than one dataset and then have to do our best to fix everything that touches a layer that might have changed position. On the flip side, I don't know if there is a performance hit, either on ArcGIS Server or applications that are consuming the data, by splitting every feature class out to its own endpoint.


I've scoured the web looking for best-practices documentation and examples, but I can't find much. Any input would be greatly appreciated. We have an ideal situation in that we've got a clean environment to configure from the ground up...we just don't want to look back and wish we'd done things differently.