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Upload a Shapefile to ArcGIS Online Using arcpy

Question asked by jsnyder21 on Sep 21, 2015
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I work for a county government, and we will soon be having a team-building exercise in which we will be engaging in an intra-departmental scavenger hunt. As a GIS Technician, I have been assigned the task of creating a custom web application in which users can mark their locations and a brief description of themselves on the map. I have begun creating this application using WebApp Builder. In respect to creating the functionality that I have described above, I have decided to create a Python script tool that accomplishes this functionality, uploading it to our ArcGIS Online organizational account as a geoprocessing service, and then incorporating this geoprocessing service into the web application as a customized widget. I am currently having trouble figuring out how to use arcpy to upload a shapefile that is on disk to an ArcGIS Online organizational account, and add this shapefile to the web map that is servicing the application. Could anyone help me out with this process? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much.