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Use of Feature Cache with Class Extension

Question asked by fannonj on Sep 16, 2015



We have developed a class extension for a client that performs a number of custom actions when features are edited. It has been successfully used for some time. However, the client has started to use the Feature Caching options in ArcMap recently and this seems to be causing some issues.


One of the functions of the class extension is to delete some related features in another feature class (A) when certain features in base feature class (B) are deleted. This is achieved in the code on delete of a feature by re-using the workspace from the base class (B) to open the related feature class (A), create an update cursor (non-recycling) using a query and then delete the required rows.


This works great when there is no feature cache, but when using a feature cache, the features deleted by the cursor in the class extension do not get refreshed in the feature cache and therefore remain on the map and are selectable/identify-able until the user then clears the feature cache. I'm unsure why the ArcGIS doesn't deal with this properly, as the workspace we are using to perform the deletes on A should be identical to the workspace that was used for the delete on B.


Has anyone worked around this type of issue with class extensions and feature caching?


Any thoughts much appreciated.