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related tables and offline editing

Question asked by simo Champion on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by dbecker88

My map has one feature layers with several related tables, when I edit the related table online using Collector it works fine, but when I take the map offline, something strange happens:


just for one related table,let's say the table is named Assessment_Complete,  when I click "New", instead of showing me the table, it shows me a message "No valid Location", and it seems thinking I intend to collect the location on the map!




I am really confused, because I have already selected a location and this is only a related table without any spatial field what so ever. the most confusing thing is the other related tables seems work fine!


this is on my iPad air, on my Nexus 5, opening the offline map just simply crashes Collector, leaving me a message "Unfortunately, Collector has stopped"


Is it just me?