Performance of RasterCatalog and FeatureLayer

Discussion created by dberry911 on Nov 13, 2010
I'm having a performance issue when both an IRasterCatalogLayer and IFeatureLayer(shapefiles) are loaded.  If only the IRasterCatalogLayer is loaded or only the IFeatureLayer Layers are loaded there is no performance issue.

I'm using ArcObjects V9.3.1 in VB.NET under XP with 4GB Memory and 2.5GHZ dual-core processor.

There are 19 MrSid 2008 images totaling 11GB that are contained within an IRasterCatalogLayer.  In addition there are 50 IFeatureLayer Layers with roughly half of them visible.

Paging the display using the scroll bars, or panning, takes 6-7 seconds to complete the refresh.  Even if the IRasterCatalogLayer Visible Property is set to False it still takes 6-7 seconds to refresh.

With just the IRasterCatalogLayer loaded or just the IFeatureLayer Layers loaded it takes roughly 1 second to page by scroll bars, or panning.

I've experimented with the Cache Property without much noticeable affect.  Have also experimented with the ProgressiveDrawing Property with no noticeable affect.

The same data configuration, with MrSids in an ImageCatalog, in a MapObjects application takes only one second to page the display using the scroll bars, or panning.

It appears as there is some type of conflict going on when both of these layer types are loaded.

Any suggestions or hints as to what might be done about this are greatly appreciated.