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Batch project or project tool?

Question asked by wanshafrina on Sep 7, 2015
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Quick question, does batch project is a failed tool by ESRI? I spend quite sometime in testing projection between this two tool. First im using Project tool to reproject my shapefile from Kertau RSO to WGS84 UTM 48N. Then i have another point layers (bunch) that i need to reproject to the same projection. When i use batch tool (express) it fall completely at different location then the base layer i have. So i project it one by one manually using the project tool. The result is ok even the original projection (RSO) fall at the same with the one after projected to WGS84. See below,


1) The LEFT one is the result using Project tool. Even i have set the transformation at Data Frame from Kertau RSO to WGS 84.

2) The RIGHT one is the result after projected using Batch Project tool (kertau rso to wgs 84).


Why is this different. Both successfully transformed to WGS84 48N, but fall at different location.