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IDE's for Python

Question asked by Dan_Patterson Champion on Sep 5, 2015


Forgot the iThingy market  i use this... Pythonista ... a whole whopping $7  includes Python, Numpy and Matplotlib


  • Pythonista is now compatible with all iOS screen sizes – from iPhone 4 to iPad Pro, and everything in-between.


Came across this in StackOverflow and I thought it might be of interest to those just starting out in Python, NumPy and Arcpy.  It is a listing  (locked in 2014) of a comparability matrix comparing some of the more common IDE.


Now don't start a .... but mine isn't listed and it is better... war.  This is just informational.


The spreadsheet version is here...

Python IDE's


and the image version is here


Although out of date (ie PyScripter is now back in business as is PythonWin), it is a useful comparison.  Some of the commercial packages have limited/free versions as well, so read carefully.


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