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Run external program

Question asked by PSArcOnline on Sep 4, 2015
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I try to run a external program from within arcmap.


Wherefore I made a model with the model builder. So I can select a point in my shape, run my model and the external program should run with a variable from this point. To start the program I use a simple python script.


To explain my problem, I have included the following line of code with which I started. If I uses this, the script does nothing, no error and no execution of anything:


os.system(r'C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\AI-Viewer.exe SystemMDW=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\Aqua.mdw|UserMDB=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\System\AI_mbn.mdb|DataBaseName=C:\Users\ps\Desktop\atest\Test.mdb|UserId=99999998|ObjIdsList=7297|SelObjId=7297|ObjType= 0|')


If I put this into windows cmd the program starts:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\AI-Viewer.exe" "SystemMDW=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\Aqua.mdw|UserMDB=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\System\AI_mbn.mdb|DataBaseName=C:\Users\ps\Desktop\atest\Test.mdb|UserId=99999998|ObjIdsList=7297|SelObjId=7297|ObjType= 0|"


If I am using this python code in my module, the program starts with an error because obviously some variables are not set:


os.system(r'"C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\AI-Viewer.exe"')


Same if I try this:


os.system(r'"C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\AI-Viewer.exe"' + " SystemMDW=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\Aqua.mdw") 


As soon as I enter the Pipe Character "|" the script doesn't work any more. I tried to replace "|" with chr(124) but still the same error.


os.system(r'"C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\AI-Viewer.exe"' + " SystemMDW=C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaInfo\Aqua.mdw|")


I am not very firm with python, I am more experienced in vbs. Is there a problem with the "|" Character in Python Strings then it is used for a path with os.system?


How can I solve this.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help.