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cannot edit/add on feature layer

Question asked by on Sep 2, 2015
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My testing server has the following functions:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.31.46.png


I want to draw a polygon and add the new polygon to this layer, but all the property canCreate/canDelete/canUpdate/canUpdateGeometry return NO, and of course, I failed to add graphic to this layer. Is anything I missing?


AGSGraphic *newGraphic = [AGSGraphic graphicWithGeometry:self.sketchLayer.geometry symbol:[self getMapSymbolByType:eIfosMapSymbolTypePolygon] attributes:@{@"attire":@"testttt", @"attr2":@"test22"}];
AGSFeatureLayer *inspectionLayer = [AGSFeatureLayer featureServiceLayerWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:LAYER_URL_STR] mode:AGSFeatureLayerModeSnapshot];
inspectionLayer.editingDelegate = self;
// return NO
if (inspectionLayer.canCreate) {
     NSLog(@"can create");

// return NO
if (inspectionLayer.canDelete) {
     NSLog(@"can delete");

// return NO
if (inspectionLayer.canUpdate) {
     NSLog(@"can update");

// return NO
if (inspectionLayer.canUpdateGeometry) {
     NSLog(@"can  update geometry");

[inspectionLayer applyEditsWithFeaturesToAdd:[NSArray arrayWithObject:newGraphic] toUpdate:nil toDelete:nil];