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Web adaptor as reverse proxy?

Question asked by matt2222 on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by jason.tipton.gis

Currently we have ArcGIS Server and Web Adapter (iis) sitting on a single machine in our DMZ serving only map/feature services (no applications). I would like to move the ArcGIS Server into our internal network to make use of windows authentication and leave the Web Adapter out in the DMZ for external requests. It sounds like I can do this as long as port 6080 is open between the two servers.


In the documentation there is a note stating "The use of a reverse proxy server can potentially add an overhead to requests to your ArcGIS Server services." ArcGIS for Server Help . I'm confused in that sometimes the Web Adapter is referred to as a reverse proxy and sometimes they seem like they are spoken as being mutually exclusive. Is a Web Adapter always considered a reverse proxy and therefore always adding this overhead?

Would there be significantly different amounts of overhead in the following two scenarios? ArcGIS Server and Web Adapter on single machine in DMZ vs. Web Adapter in DMZ with ArcGIS Server in internal network. We average about 10,000 request/day and are nearly pushing the limits of our hardware - I am wary of potential performance hits.