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Autocomplete a field in a feature service based on the values from another layer

Question asked by azdroik15 on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by mtorres_training

I have an empty SDE feature class (SQL Server) published as a feature service and shared in a web map.  I want to use the Collector app to start an inventory of some features.  One of the fields that will get populated is the site address of the feature being collected.  Rather than typing in the full address manually, I would like it to auto suggest.  As you type more characters, the suggestions get narrowed down until you can pick the one you want.  I don't need it to zoom to the location, though. It just needs to fill in the blank.  I have an ArcGIS Server service of our address database.  Is it possible to query and populate a text field with the values from another table inside an ArcGIS Online web map?  If so, how?