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Security configuration

Question asked by mattias_j on Aug 28, 2015
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Our ArcGIS Server is mainly for internal use, a single server deployment in our internal network. We have an IIS Web Adaptor and have set up Integrated Windows Authentication. Most of our services are not secured an available to all users inside our network, and some are secured and available to specific users with "single sign on" achieved by the Integrated Windows Authentication.
Recently our IT department set up a reverse proxy that made it possible for external users to connect to services in one specific folder. The services in that folder is not secured. We wanted to use some services in ArcGIS Online which is possible through the reverse proxy.

So far so good.
Now I'm asked if we can provide secured services to external users through this reverse proxy. I can't figure out how to accomplish that with our current configuration. Any ideas??
I think that when we set up the reverse proxy we had to go pass the Web Adaptor and go straight to ArcGIS Server...


Is it possible to some how combine Integrated Windows Authentication for internal users and still provide some secured services (and non secured services) to external users?


We have ArcGIS Server 10.22 installed, but could upgrade to the latest version if that will help...