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How to change the spatial reference of a feature service?

Question asked by PieterBekaert on Aug 28, 2015

I need to change the spatial reference of an existing feature service to facilitate the addition of new features that are collected in another spatial reference without requiring per-feature transformation in this proces.


I am interesting in both changing the spatial reference of a feature service

- applying a datum transformation

- reinterpreting the existing geographic coordinates values in the new datum (because the spatial reference was initially wrong).


I have been experimenting, and observed some problems and some successes.

I am wondering what would be the advised way, and where I go wrong.


I did not find a way to do this in ArcGIS online. Is this correct?


I tried achieving this in ArcGIS Pro. I think the path to follow boils down to

- add the feature layer from the portal to a map in ArcGIS Pro

- perform some actions

- overwrite the web layer with the resulting feature layer in ArcGIS Pro.


(The map spatial reference seems to determining the spatial reference of shared feature layers, so I set this one correctly.

I was surprised to observe that the spatial reference of the feature layer is not maintained in the shared feature service.)


Trying to share the added layer again (without further steps) fails with "00102: Selected layers do not contain a required layer type for feature layer." I have no idea where this comes from, as I added a feature layer from the portal to begin with.


Trying the "Project" Geoprocessing, I get another error that I can't relate to what I am doing: "ERROR 001489: Cannot project a feature class that participates in more advanced capabilities (such as topology and geometric network).

Failed to execute (Project)." My layer just contains points, nothing exotic.


I can do the "Copy features" Geoprocessing, filling in the spatial reference parameters, and overwrite the exiting feature service with the resulting feature layer.


Projecting this copy does also work, and the resulting layer can also be used to overwrite.


Although I seem to have a working approach, I would be very happy to understand what I did wrong in the alternatives, and what is the "right" way to perform such a spatial reference change.


Thanks in advance!