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Time-aware feature service not working

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Aug 27, 2015

Time-aware feature service not working. Desktop and Server 10.3.1. Following these instructions Configure time settings—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS  and these Visualizing time-aware data in a web map | ArcGIS Blog I am not able to get a real-time-aware service to recognized any time range other than the one with which it was published. The service is sourced from an SDE feature class where animal GPS collar data is auto-updated every two hours, and the SQL/SDE part of this works flawlessly: every two hours, locations from the store-on-board collar get uploaded to the SDE table. Never fails once (vectronics).


So I've created a MXD, with the time settings as such:


and verified that time-aware features work via the animation tool:


Note that I've highlighted the date range which is currently in the database table.


I publish it as a map service:


And yes, the REST info indicates this is a time-aware service. And therein lies the problem. When I add this to Portal, the only options for time settings are whatever date range is available when published.



I can, of course, click on the start and end times and adjust the dates, which shows, at least, the time-aware data is coming through.


The issue here is that when viewed in Portal, the time-aware data should show the full date range, not the date range that was present when published. This is a public-safety application, and telling users they have to click click click click apply to see the latest data instead of just "open this portal map" has not gone over well.