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Web Dev certification sample questions

Question asked by spiskula on Aug 27, 2015



I was looking at sample questions posted by Esri on the web dev certification path:

I find it difficult to understand why is answer B actually not correct

I had a look at the suggested references to documentation and it does seem that botf for Feature Service and Feature Service Layer it is possible to delete features using the applyEdits operation:


For feature service:


  • Required Capability:Create,Update,Delete. Create required to add features, Update required to update features, and Delete required to delete features."


Also later down the page attached sampel shows how to delete features:

  "id" : 1,
  "deletes" : [


For feature service layer:

"This operation adds, updates, and deletes features to the associated feature layer or table in a single call...." - OK


How should this question be interpreted?


Comments on this please!