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Related records disappearing in popups in ArcGIS online WebMaps using a shared map image service

Question asked by dcoley on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by dcoley

So I've been working in AGOL for days and days tweaking my Government Services WebMap for consumption in the Web Application Builder developer edition 1.2.  Many of my services do/will include related tables both 1-1 and 1-M for more than one pair per shared service. 


All of the system attributes (OBJECTID, GLOBALID, SHAPE, SHAPE_AREA, etc) as well as the primary keys are are included in each service.


Each time I configure my popup to display related records I save the popup, save the layer, save the webmap.  If I then navigate out of the webmap and return, the records disappear.  Upon re-opening the popup configuration the related data option check box is active, yet no related attributes appear in the field list dropdown.


What is going on?  I've triple-checked all of my service and sharing parameters. I thought I was following the configure popups arcgis online help info to the letter.  No matter what, the above behavior occurs!


I don't want to get started on why I like to use my own feature layers from my own services and objects in the api and perhaps like many of you find working in webmaps cumbersome, certainly 'thick' at best.


Any info is appreciated-