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Synchronizing Table Data with Runtime.Net

Question asked by on Aug 20, 2015
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I am trying to synchronize a normal table with the Runtime.NET and FeatureService SYNC capabilities. What I have been achieving so far is the following:


1.) I could create a feature service with sync capabilities. This FeatureService contains a feature class ("fcl_point") and a (unrelated) table ("table1")

2.) I could synchronize Feature Data from the feature class ("fcl_point") to a local SQLite Geodatabase (This part works as expected)

3.) When calling the GenerateGeodatabaseAsync  Task from Runtime .NET also the schema for the table ("table1) was properly created in the local SQLite Geodatabase.


However the table which was created does not contain any data. I also could not find any reasonable documentation for such a scenario. Also what confuses me is that in the  GenerateGeodatabaseParameters you must provide an extent. This extent is not helpful when synchronizing pure table data.


Can anyone give me an indication of how such a synchronization of table data is done with Runtime.NET?