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using sdeimport to update an existing SDE layer w/an updated FC

Question asked by ph4red on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by vangelo-esristaff

I've got an existing SDE polygon layer that I'm looking to update the features in.  The updated features are in a File GDB.  My situation is such that the people who are responsible for the updates requested a script to do it.


The easiest way I can see doing this via a script (since we have to put it into multiple environments) was via the sdeimport -o init command, where features are deleted and then updated.


When I try to put my info in, I get a message saying the gdb layer.sdx file doesn't exist. 


This is what I'm entering:

sdeimport -o init -l old_file,shape -f /home/me/my_test_tables.gdb/new_layer -v -i 4321 -s targetserver -u myuser -p mypass


And this is the result I'm getting:

ArcSDE 9.2  for Oracle10g Build 1271 Tue Jun 24 07:47:53  2008

SDEX File Import         Administration Utility


Export file /home/me/my_test_layer.gdb/new_layer.SDX does not exist.


Any help is appreciated.