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Access Fields Name for particular Layer with LayerID

Question asked by gajanaik on Aug 14, 2015
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its urgent ...


i actually tried ways , even checked ESRI sample code QueryTaskExample.  i need simply to get Fields Names or Attributes of any Layer .


i used following method...


            self.queryTask = [AGSQueryTask queryTaskWithURL:[NSURLURLWithString:strMAPURL]]; // here i send like @""



            self.queryTask.delegate = self;


            //return all fields in query

            self.query = [AGSQuery query];

            self.query.outFields = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"*", nil];


            self.query.text = @"Fields"; // with out this line or without empty query it gives error

            [self.queryTask executeWithQuery:self.query];


i access below delegates :


//results are returned

- (void)queryTask:(AGSQueryTask *)queryTask operation:(NSOperation *)op didExecuteWithFeatureSetResult:(AGSFeatureSet *)featureSet {

  //get feature, and load in to table

  self.featureSet = featureSet;

  [super.tableView reloadData];



featureSet.fields  // this should be giving me Name of Fields for Layer 3....


but i am getting Array as 0 elements......  i need to get Fields name in same order as there in Server Layer....