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Selecting duplicate annotations and zooming into the area with python script

Question asked by alexw2008 on Aug 13, 2015
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I am currently working on SDE producing charts. The final product is a chart with lots of lines, special symbols, and a whole lot of annotations describing this lines and special symbols. The chart creating process produces duplicate and triplicate annotations for the same entity for the reason I have no idea.



The final product has to be cleaned up of those duplicate and triplicate annotations and some repositioning of features.


As a result, manually cleaning up is the must and would be very tedious. So I was hoping to be able to create a python script or some kind or using modelbuilder in ArcMap to select all those duplicate and triplicate annotations and zoom into the area so that the user will decide to delete the duplicate annotations once it decides it is not necessary. As a result that it will speed up the cleaning process. How will I be able to do this with a python script or modelbuilder, if it is possible? I have very little experience with python scripts, so any help on this is greatly appreciated.