How to sum a single attribute field of overlapping buffers in a single shapefile?

Discussion created by Coughlin828 on Aug 12, 2015
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Hi all,


I have a single buffer shapefile that contains an area-weighted concentration in one of the attribute fields. I want to sum concentration values from the overlapping buffers within the single shapefile so that I can create a raster image of the summed value. This raster image will then be used to extract the summed values to points. I have a screenshot below of the shapefile.


Just to clarify again, that is a single shapefile so many of the coverage tools don't seem to work. When I have tried summary statistics, it won't export the table to a database. Intersecting it on itself doesn't seem to work. There's no way to do a spatial join (that I know of) because it is only a single file. I've tried dissolving it and doing a polygon to raster but the numbers don't seem to come out right and I believe I'm only getting the top-most buffer value. Does anyone know of an add-in or an appropriate procedure to deal with this issue? Any and all help is much appreciated.



Justin Coughlin