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Using Tiled Labels to Annotation to automate converting labels to annotation

Question asked by arreguinmarcu on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by bokeefe

I have a series of parcel maps I am updating by creating maplex labels and then converting labels to annotation. I would like to automate this process using Python but there doesn't seem to be an ArcPy or ArcToolbox tool to convert labels to annotation other than Tiled Labels to Annotation. I tried this and the two issues were that many labels were placed two or three times within the same polygon (some were placed properly) and the long run time (17 minutes for about 1000 polygons with a three line python-scripted label for each). I added a field to the polygon feature class called TileID and numbered them all '0' and selected it as the Tile ID field, but that didn't help.


It would be great if someone would explain the proper way to use the Tiled Labels to Annotation tool or how to script converting the labels to annotation with Python (or possibly a different way). I am attaching screen shots that show tool inputs and the result on the map.Tiled Labels Results.JPG


Tiled Labels Snip.JPG