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How can you create INSET DATA on a Data Driven Document?

Question asked by bokeefe on Aug 10, 2015

Here's my situation.

  1. We have a fire department coverage grid. It encompasses the entire city. Each grid is a separate page in our Fire Department Map Book. On a given page there are custom icons showing each apartment.
  2. We have an apartment book. Each apartment is assigned a number.


Up till now these pages have all been managed by MapInfo. We are an ESRI shop. I want to move away from MapInfo as well as get this data into the LGM. The problem I am having is that I have no idea how to do ONE SPECIFIC NEEDED FUNCTIONALITY in ArcGIS for Desktop what the Map Book creator did in MapInfo.


Basically, each map that contains 1, or more, apartments has an INSET DATA block (think spreadsheet) showing a brief tabular block of data.

Apartment Number, Apartment Name, Apartment Address


I can do inset maps... but I've never done Inset Data.


Is this possible to do with Data Driven Documents? I would LIKE to move the Fire Department to the ESRI Fire Run Book but I need to include that little Inset Data block and I don't know how.