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buffer in existing feature class

Question asked by charliedfinley on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by charliedfinley

I attended the 2015 User Conference, and I heard the gospel, as spoken by Jack and Co. -  ArcPro is ON, and it is REAL!!


Soooo... I'm really trying to use ArcGIS Pro, and migrate my workflows to this software.

As a GIS support person for a Lands and permitting department, the thing I map the most is road and utility easements; simply created by buffering an existing line feature to create a polygon feature within an existing feature class.  Simply put: select a line feature, click the buffer tool, choose your template, define your distance, hit OK.  You have a new polygon feature in your edit layer.

I have searched the edit tools in Pro, and the help as well, and all I have found is the Buffer Geoprocessing Tool, which creates a new feature class.

Is this tool available as an edit function?  If not, when will it be available?  This is a crucial editing functionality that needs to be a part of the ArcGIS Pro editing toolset.

Thank you, and if I have overlooked this functionality in ArcGIS Pro, please make me aware of it, along with all the stonewalling I deserve!